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Parodontology as a separate field in stomatology that deals with prevention, and early diagnosis of ailments in the parodont. Parodontologie aliments could be classified in two large distinct groups such as gingivitis and parodontopathy.

  • Gingivitis is a result of a bacterial dental plaque in the gingival sulcus that results in: swelling, redness and bleeding of the gingiva.
  • Parodontopathy is followed with irreversible loss of bone, and with luxation and loss of teeth.

The therapy of periodontal aliment depends on the severity of the aliment, which is determined the a specific procedure.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery could mean a number of surgical intervention all with the goal of improving the anatomical and biological deficiencies.

  • Complicated teeth extractions
  • Impacted and retained wisdom teeth.
  • Apicectomy of roots
  • Extraction of fractured roots
  • Cystectomy most oftenly a result from chronically inflamed tissue
  • Sinus lift or intervention on the upper jaw

These are some of the oral surgery procedures that we offer, but they are certainly not all. For more details feel free to contact us.


Endodontics in essence is treatment on the tooth pulp, that is found in the root canal. As a result of the caries reaching the tooth tissue, an infection of the tooth pulp is the most often result.

Therapy of the root canal most often means endodontics. The treatment of the pulp means elimination of the tooth nerves and thoroughly cleaning of the root canal. In this therapy we use electronically tuned devices, that recognise the tip of the root canal, and stop the procedure which helps in not to extend the natural root canal.

In our dental center, we use the latest technology in the treatment of the root canal, which increases the chance of a successful procedure compared to the classical or in other words handmade procedure.

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Ceramic Inlay & Onlay

In cases where the caries has destructed the form of the tooth, after the cleaning of the caries matter, and inlay procedure is needed.

Inlay is most often constructed of ceramic. The main difference with inlay and regular feeling is the material from which it is made, and that the inlay is made beforehand. Because of that, the inlay procedure requires two visits. In the first visit the caries matter is cleaned from the tooth, and preparations for the inlay are made. Then the inlay is prepared in a laboratory, which with the second visit is applied to the tooth.

Depending on the extension and the quantity we differentiate two different forms procedures: Inlay and Onlay.

Dental Diagnostics

We use modern equipment which offers speedy and thorough diagnostic:

  • Classic digital panoramic view
  • Panoramic view for children
  • Teleradiography
  • Radiography on the maxillary sinus
  • Radiography on temporomandibular articulation
  • Periapical radiography & others

Invisible Aligner

We offer modern solution for the strengthening and realignment of the teeth with transparent aligner.

The teeth sometimes develop irregular positions from the growth, and with Invisalign we can treat this orthodontic irregularity without the use of metal aligner.