Currently there is no better solution that could replace the teeth with speed and quality, than implantology. Compared to other procedures, implantology is the only solution that offers a healthy, beautiful, and permanent smile.

Premium Materials

The Ankylos premium implants that are used in Karadent, are product of German production and engineering. They were introduced on the stomatology market more than 30 years ago, and more over they offer the patient a lifetime warranty. The premium implants are composed of titanium, and have strility of the highest 5th level, while the surface is coated calcium phosphate which offers better primary stability and longevity, compared to another lower brand.

In regards to zirconia, Karadent uses exclusively ZirkonZahn which originate in Italy, and are one of the best, if not the best in the world in regards to zirconia production. Unfortunately, dental clinics often use zirconia blocks from suspicious origins and quality, all with higher profit margins in mind, and not caring about the longevity of the tooth and the well being of the patient.

CAD-CAM Technology

CAD-CAM is a digital prosthetic device which will make your smile perfect. The use of the technology means that the patient is an active participant in the creation of his smile. Meaning, through collaboration with the dentist a detail plan is developed, and the technology digitises the process.

After the designing of the teeth on the computer, the same are ready for manufacturing through a zirconia block. What remain is the final step, which is the application of the final coat of color on the teeth, 24h later the teeth would be ready to be implanted. The patient together with the specialist defines the size, shape, and color of the teeth, so there are no opportunities for a surprise and unwanted results in the end.